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On Sunday, September 11th 2011, my friends and I (A group of handsome men, hahaha) in BPB or Nation Leader Scholarship made a deal in order to make our own lunch, called Liwet. You know Liwet, don't you? Liwet is a  kind of savory and a little bit spicy rice which cooked by various of seasoning.
Well, at the first time, we were a bit afraid about the taste since none of us was expert in making that kind of food. Okey, then the story goes. Eful and I had job to buy all of the ingredients needed, started from the rice until the shrimp paste or better known as Terasi, Hahaha. I indeed learnt about how to bergain with a seller in traditional market. It was so interesting. Thanks Eful for teaching me how to bergain.
Who are the chefs then? Okey, be patient! There were about six people who involved in this "Project" (It sounds slighty cooler, haha). Dian (ITB) could not join in this project since he had to go for another important business, meanwhile Disto (Unpad) also could not participate since he was fasting for Syawal Month (What a cool boy! Sometimes I am wondering how to become shaleh like him, How? How?) We were very sorry for Disto since we made it not in the right time for him. Sorry Disto.

Okey, let's continue to the story. There were Eful (ITB), Kang Sandy (ITB), Igun (ITB), Kg Wira (ITB), Kg Wahyu (Unpad), and me (Unpad) who became The Chefs or you can call us The handsome Chefs. Wew.... Haha. :p

We were divided into some kind of jobs such as washing the ingredients, frying crackers, cutting the vegetables, and cooking the rice. everything was well done. 

Teng, teng, teng! The time for lunch is comiiiinggg!! Finally! I wanted to know eagerly about its taste. And you know what, it was so DECLICIOUUUUUUSSSS.... (According to my personal taste)..!!  It's The Handsome Liwet. I even did not expect the taste would be like that. Is it possible to be counted into emancipation, too? Hehe.

Through this kind of activity, I have learned so much about  the importance of togetherness, love, care, trust, positivity, and laugh

Source of Pictures: My Personal Camera

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  1. Wow so delicious, why didn't you take some for me? Any time we meet you should cook this kind food for me..hehe


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