Posted by : Ridwan Sobirin Thursday, April 11, 2013

Stephen Edward teaches me that: 

1.     Every student has the same number of hours each week. Some students manage to fit everything they need to do into those hours while others feel that they never have enough. The difference between the two is how they manage their time. With practice and patience, any student can learn to manage his or her time effectively

2.     Doing well on a test depends on feeling confident. If you study a little every day, you will feel good about taking the test. If you cram for hours at night before, you will be even more worried about how you will do

3.     Keep your priorities in mind when people ask you to do some activities or your friends want to go out. Feel free to say no. Write your priorities on an index card and keep it with you to remind you. For example,  going to class is first, studying is second, personal obligations are third, and spending time with friends is fourth.

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