Ridwan Sobirin was born in Cianjur, Jawa Barat, Indonesia. He achieved his Bachelor degree from Department of Economics, Faculty of Economics and Business, Padjadjaran University. His interest lies in the area of economy and public policy. Ridwan has gained several awards from several national and international institutions and firms for his leadership skills as a student. He was recognized by Mckinsey and Company as a Young Indonesian Leaders and awarded a chance to join their Young Leaders for Indonesia Program in 2012. He participated fully in the program for 6 months and it really enhanced his leadership skills.

Before that, Ridwan was chosen by the U.S. Department of State to be trained at Temple University (Pennsylvania) and University of Central Florida (Florida), USA, in Indonesian Student Leaders Program. Ridwan was also in the national semifinalist for Nutrifood Leadership award 2012. These prestigious awards are recognition for his extraordinary talent and capabilities as a young leader.

Ridwan also has superb academic performance. His GPA is above average and he graduated with Cum Laude honors. In his 6th semester, Ridwan was awarded as the Best Student for his Faculty (Mawapres) and was his faculty’s representative for best student at university level. He finished in the top 3 for best student at his university.

During the end of August until early September, Ridwan was also chosen to represent Indonesia for UNESCO’s World Heritage Program held in South Korea. Ridwan is also  being an assistant for several lecturers (Asdos) and teaching Assistant for Microeconomics and Macroeconomics class, helping out first year students in his faculty. In 2013, Ridwan and his team were selected as Padjadjaran University representative in Trust by Danone 2013 (Danone Young Social Entrepreneur). He was trusted as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at that competition.

He also served as Young Researcher at Center for Economics and Development Studies(CEDS) and was awarded as The best Academic Performance 2012 in Faculty of Economics and Business Awards (FEB Awards 2012). He has collaborated with his friends, Hanifah and Atika, in 2011 on making a paper for the National Microeconomics Competition and was awarded the 2nd best paper during the event.

      Ridwan also has extensive experience in organizing. He has led his faculty’s Student Representative Council and held the position of president. He is also the founder of EFECT, an organization focused on improving English skills of its members and sharing international experiences with each other, and the organization is already establishing itself as a useful organization and as attracted. 

       Starting from 2014, Ridwan will start to implement his knowledge of and passion for Economics, particularly Monetary Economics in Bank Indonesia as The Central Bank of The Republic of Indonesia.

You can reach Ridwan Sobirin at: ridwan.sobirin@gmail.com 

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