Posted by : Ridwan Sobirin Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I am Ridwan, I believe that goodness would be rewarded by goodness as well, even much better.

Maybe I am not that perfect and absolutely full of mistakes and sins. Maybe it seems like very perfectionist or idealist but I love to write this thing:

We have to do good things until the breath in our body is taken by Him, not because we'll have a good karma or turn from others. That's only for children, isn't it? I think. As we go to an older age or a higher dimension, we have to forget all this. We just do whatever to benefit other people and whatever is righteous according to our conscience. Not to expect anything at all in return 

(Except seeking the pleasure of Allah and expecting  the reward only from Him. Am I right? Hehe)

Maybe in the middle of your journey, when you practice goodness and kindness, there will be always people that tries to look down on you, or tries to make you stray from your purpose. :)

But please, for the kindness and goodness that you have spread around the entire world, just keep walking forward doesn't matter how difficult it is, keep flying upward doesn't matter how high it is. We just have to try again and again and again, until there is nothing but goodness that resides within us, until we recognize nothing but the Allah's pleasure and blessing within ourselves. 

Again, goodness would be rewarded by goodness as well, even much better. The more you give, the more you will receive.

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