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Say Aaaaaaa for Awesome. Say C for Champion!
Hey guys, sorry for the break. It's been almost five months since my last update, partly because of me just being terrible (Haha) and partly because I also have been overwhelmed by some works at BI. Yes, the past few weeks have been pretty busy making some papers (But don't worry, I really enjoy and am so excited about this journey). 

So, how are things going with you so far? Hope you guys are healthy and happy.  

Okay, my post today will be bombarded by a lot of my friends' awesome photos from Kelas C during Klasikal period.  Yeah, I will kick start this blog by sharing my thought about and some photos of my class, Kelas C. In case you are wondering what Klasikal and Kelas C are, here is a brief explanation about them:

Klasikal is one part of PCPM programs, conducted by Bank Indonesia which consists of lectures, EXAMS (Okay, this part is so memorable since it made us a bit depressed, worried, sleepless, and happy as well. Haha.), visitations, and soft skills training.   

Kelas C is one of the four classes in Klasikal (There were Kelas A, Kelas B, Kelas C, and Kelas D). So those 213 people who were accepted at BI were divided into those four classes. And as you probably assume, I was placed in Kelas C. 

February the 17th is the day when we met and knew each other for the first time. Yeah, it was the first day of our Klasikal period and I was really excited to start Klasikal back then. I found and met so many great people here. For your information, our class consisted of 53 awesome persons (including me. Haha). They are really bright, inspiring, kind, and funny in some ways. I found so many characters here. It's kind of class that when you jump into it, you will feel the warmth of friendship, the joy of young ages, also, the harmony of diversity. Deep down, I am really grateful for being placed in this class

What did we do during the break beside grabbing some provided snacks?
Yes, took a looooot of pictures. Hahaha.

Here, we lived the days during Klasikal just by being ourselves. Some of us are really funny and good at making a lot of jokes, some of us are really calm and quiet, some of us are also really social butterfly (gaul). Most of us had already worked for several top companies before they joined BI. It's really great for me and some other fresh graduates like Leo, Rizki Fitriadi, Zetra, and Ken because we can learn a lot from their great experiences in working life. 

While the clock kept ticking, we also made a lot of laughs and unforgettable moments for sure. I still remember those moments when we shared and threw some jokes during the class and break. Those moments when we had a lot of LOL-times with some lecturers. I won't forget when we were so depressed and sleepless in facing every exams that came almost every day. I remember that moment when we were (also) so curious knowing the scores of the exam, when we had a pizza party in the class, when we studied together and made some study groups, when we encouraged and cheered up each other in order not to be marked by the stabilo (Our biggest enemy ever!), did some dramas and simulations during the soft skills classes. That moment when we took our selfie photos both in the class and during visitations. Also, that moment when we had the last party after Klasikal ended. And many other beautiful moments which are too aplenty to note down.
It is the picture before we started the last final exam and we were like:
"Yeah, finally it comes! The last exams in Klasikal! Wooohooo!"

Those moments are really great to recall, particularly when each of us will be separated by time and space in the next forthcoming months. We all know that someday we will be placed in different region, city, even island. Perhaps, some of us will be placed in Java, Sumatera, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, or perhaps even further. I also realize that as the time flies, people will change. That's why, I really hope that no matter how far we are separated, no matter how small or big changes that happen in each of us, we can still keep this awesome friendship. I put so much hope that we can reunite again someday with a very complete formation. Yes, someday in the future: The day when we share many experiences that we have gained. The day when we, probably, recall those silly dramas that we did in the class and laugh at them together. The day when we reunite and support each other to keep pursuing our dreams. Why not? And that is really possible to happen. Yeah, until that day, friends.

If any of you who read this post is an alumni of Kelas C, I'd love to say: 
"Dude, do you still remember when we did those crazy, funny, ridiculous, yet memorable dramas, jokes, selfies, and simulations? Haha. Now when I recall,  I really miss those crazy moments we have done. Hahaha. (I really laughed when I wrote this comment)"

I really wish all Kelas C alumni would be a great person and leader in the forthcoming years ahead, not only in BI, but also in Indonesia. Greatest wishes and prayers for your future endeavors, teman-teman Kelas C! 

 Kelas C in Pictures: Up Close and Personal
(Photo Credit: Mas Bems, sang Ketua Kelas)

Adi. He is really tall, smart, and can throw some funny jokes somehow. I knew him earlier together with Enggar, and Rangga because we were from the same Pleton during Samapta.

This is Adif. Smart, polite, and yeah, cute, isn't he? Haha. You'll never walk alone, Dif. Haha. Send my best regards to #Liverpool :)

This is our little-cute Aisyah. She is really kind. We can see that from her genuine smile.
We always had some fun together with Dickky and Deden back then. I still remember when Aisyah laughed out load at the class because of  Deden's jokes. Haha.

Ah, this is our lovely Professor Nopri. The only PhD Candidate in the class.
Nopri is really kind and polite. I love when he speaks in Malay. I still remember when one of the lecturer from DPSI asked him to sang a song (Perdamaian song). Haha. And he sang beautifully! That was so funny, too. Haha. Really unforgettable. 

Aww, this is Andaru : Our cute Shishiii. Look, he is really cute, right? Other things that I like from Daru is that he is really calm and wise in facing something that happens to him.

Ooops, this is our Princess Aju, the one who was chosen as the most beautiful girl in the class!
Yippi! We love you, Princess Aju! It was always fun when Aju together with Tidi, teh Retno, Teh Risma, and teh Ochie discussed about some issues and news. So much fun!

Deden Wes Kesel. Haha. That name came after we did a drama in the class. Deden is so friendly, humble, and kind. Deden always invited me to pray Dhuha together with Dickky. He is still single anyway. Anyone? ;)

Argo! Calm, straight to the point, and cool. I still remember when we met at McD and he enlightened me regarding the exam materials that I didn't understand. Big thanks to him.

Novyyyyy, my partner in crime!!! Haha! He is really funny and always nice to talk with him.
Whenever I talked to him or Gian, that meant there would be a mess (or big laugh)! Haha. 

Deded, smart and always gave interesting question during the class. His perspective is also unique, I think. 

Bang Christ, we call him. A really calm guy yet when he throws a joke, you won't stop laughing.

Dickky (With double K), the "Which is" guy, a really great friend of mine. He is really kind and proactive.
Dickky and Deden always give really insightful lessons to me. I'm so grateful for that. We used to spend our time at KFC (mostly) to study together before the exam came. Haha.
What I remember from Dirwan is his spectacular acting. Haha. Such an honor to be put in one drama with him (And I also went crazy at that time. Haha). He is a great guy who will always cheer up your day! He reminds me that we need to make every single moment count and memorable.

Oh, this one is special, Enggar, the Dahlan Iskan wannabe.  I thought he was a politician. Haha. But in case you need both old and new great movies, I really recommend you to contact him. He is the king of high quality movies and series. Currently he is always bullied in our class group in WA because of his long status as, well, jomblo. Hehe. So girls, if any of you interested in a smart, loyal, and kind guy, Enggar would be a great choice.

Oh this is Fadly, the one who reminds us about an old romantic love story at school.
Aulia. Ting! :)

Fiaaan, the stylish! I think he is a good role model in term of fashion for men. Haha.
Salon Fian will be open soon in your city! Haha. Don't miss it!

Fahur is so funny and warm. Now he has become a father. Great! May your little family be blessed abundantly, Fathur!

Ah, this guy is really friendly and humble. The name is Galih. Really glad to know him. I always feel comfortable and happy when I talk with him. His talk is really honest and genuine. 

This one is Hafidh. He is really calm, wise, and mature. I think when I need some kind of deep advice, I will contact you, Fidh. Haha.

The unforgettable Handhow! This guy is the one who can turn your ordinary photo into the extraordinary one. He is the one who always made us laugh when we opened our group on WhatsApp. Note: Take care of your picture, guys! Haha. 

Tomo, he is really kind and firm. Once he had told us: "Talent is not the one who always asks questions all the time, but the one who can answer those questions"  Oh, that's so deeeeep, right? Bu it doesn't mean that he asks us to stop asking and questioning for sure. I think in the deep down Tomo is also a wise man. A wise leader.

Hahaha. This is Ken a.k.a Awak. He is really really really funny and kind as well. I really like when I see him eating. Ken always enjoyed the foods that were provided during the classical. I think he loved all of them. Haha. He is really neat, discipline, and full of spirit! Another think that I like from him is that he brings the true of himself. He was like, saying "Just be yourself, be the way you are"

Ilham! The talent! I was always so excited when in many moments I talked and discussed him about this country's condition and what will be faced by this archipelago in the future. He is really knowledgeable, not only in economy, but in other sectors. I adore his thought.

Oh well. This is Wira, guys! What do you think about him? Haha.
Well, that's him. I think almost every day he always put a smile on our face through his jokes.
Wira is really great, friendly, and humorist. He always warmed up the atmosphere of the class. Nice pose, Wir! Nice pose! Haha :p (Wira is going to get married this November. Let's hope the best for him and his plan)

Kisaaaaarrr. Kisar stands for Kiki Sarah. She is really procative and cute in some ways.
This high-spirited girl always took the picture of us from her phone. I still remember when I saw a really funny video of teh Retno and the gang from her phone in the last party at Chacha's house. So many LOLs there.

This is one of our class icons: Leo! He is a fresh graduate like me. Leo is really kind and honest person. I think one of the name that always be mentioned in the class was Leo. When someone, particularly the lecturer, asked something to the class, the answer most likely went to Leo. Yes Leo, the most popular name in  the class. Haha.

Yap, here you are, our lovely Tante: Tante Mer! We also often called her Bu Lurah. She is so warm, cool, stylish, and friendly. She is also one of the most popular name in the class. Haha.

This one is Ari. FYI, he is really funny, humble, and friendly. He was my neighbor when we stayed at Kemang. He is also very popular in his campus, almost everyone there knows him as we know from Daru's story. Cool, right? 

This is Nadhil, guys! What I notice from my this friend is that he is really care.  Nadhil will always greet you whenever you meet him. He is kind and polite. 

This is our top model from Kelas C. Tidiiiiiii. Not only pretty, She also really looks like a model when you see her in the real life. Her English is also great! When you want to approach her, please prepare your english well. Haha. 

Is there any another model in this class? Oh yes, that would be Teh Ochieeee. Teh Ochie is really tall but that's really great for her. This young girl is so friendly, strong, and kind when you know her
Putri the talent! Haha. Before she joined PCPM, Putri used to work at BI as fellow researcher. Putri is firm and will talk just when it is needed. But sure she is really kind. 

Arif, I think your face and pose is really cute. Haha. You look like an innocent child  somehow. But in real life, Arif is really calm and wise. He appreciates people around him. During the class, Arif also always asked some deep questions regarding the materials brought  by the lecturers.

Haha. Irvan, I think I already laugh by just looking at your photo.  Haha. This is Irvan, guys! He is a great accountant. Irvan's smile will just lead you to smile, too. Just look at his photo now. See, you are smiling, right? :)

Beside Novy, this guy is also my partner in crime. Haha. Sometimes Dickky and I become his victim. Haha. In fact, Gian is really kind and friendly. He will always add some new colors in your life. Gian, in case I'm on a vacation in Bali, I will definitely visit your house (to get a free accommodation for sure. Haha. Kidding)

This is Deti, mojang geulis Bandung who is so social butterfly and stylish. What I like from Deti is that her curiosity in knowing something. When she doesn't understand something, she will keep struggling to find the right and clear answer. I think that is all we need, right? Curiosity and perseverance.   

Rangga. I adore his mind and the way he looks and thinks about something differently. He is kind of person who dares to say 'no' if there's something wrong with 'yes'. Dare, firm, and funny as well. Like Wira, he also has some phenomenal jokes and appellation for each of us. Haha.

Teteh Retnoooooo.... I miss you teteh. Kelas C would be in a deep silent if Teh Retno did not come to the class. She is the one who made the class stay alive. Not only smart and really intellegent, she is also good at making memorable jokes. I sat near from her and what we did everyday was laughing and laughing. Also, teh Retno is the right place for us to ask about economic model, econometric and its formulas. Hahaha. I learned and will always learn from this cute teteh.

Wait, you said what? You said this guy above is really handsome, kind, and cute? Really? Okay, I will accept that. Yes, that's me! Haha. Thanks for saying such an honest opinion, readers. :p

Teteh Risma, si geulis from Bandung. This mojang Priangan is really kind and polite.  Unfortunately she already has a boyfriend, guys! Ouch! :(  Teh Risma is also really detail. She had so neat notes that when I missed something about the lecture, I would ask her permission to review her notes

I always love when I ate together with Rizky or Ken. Haha. Rizky always ate the food passionately. Haha. He is also actually a friend of my friend at Unpad. He is really kind and I always learn from him on how to be a better person as a Muslim. Sometimes Rizky was also funny, too.

If teh Retno looks at this Rizky Riyadi's photo, perhaps her respond would be: "Biasa aja keleuus posenya Ki" Hahaha. Yeah, this is another Rizky (So many Rizky names in PCPM actually). We always called him Rizky sang Penjuru since during the Perdaspol in Samapta, he was selected as "Penjuru". He is really polite, calm, and proactive during the class. 

Who's this charm and beautiful girl? Anyone? Yeah, this is Tya! See, all the girls in my class are really beautiful, right? I think Tya is the female version of Dirwan. Oh my God, her acting was so great back then. We laughed out load looking at her acting. Not only good at acting, Tya is also warm, kind, and cheerful.  

This is Chacha, everyone! When you look at her probably you will think that she is half-Indonesian and half-foreigner. She is a bright friend of mine. Like Tidi, her English is also great. I really like her books, too. We all also made a party after Klasikal ended at Chacha's lovely house. So many moments there.

I see Vica as a proactive and cheerful young girl. One of the interesting moment with her was when she explained about the the business process in the Islamic Banking (Bank Shariah). Really insightful.

When I met Wilda for the first time, I thought she was an accountant. Haha. But apparently she was an engineer student. Oops! Wilda is a great young girl. I see her as independent and smart girl.

Zetraaaaaaa, your smile Z, your smile! Haha. Your eyes Z, your eyes! Zetra is also a fresh graduate. He is kind of easy going person that will make you safe when you talk with him. Once, he led us doing some kindergarten movements. Haha. And that was phenomenal!  

Anyeong Nita-shi! Haha. This is Anita! She is so expressive. Haha. I even can be more expressive when I talked with her. She is very genuine and lovely. Love the way she treats others warmly. NB: She is a true Korean Drama/Entertainment lovers! Hehe.

The most social butterfly (gaul) man in the class! Haha. Yap, kang Radit. When you meet him, you will get energized. Kang Radit is really a high-spirited person. He is one of the most productive initiator of some events/ideas in the class. I am  really glad to meet him again after the graduation day long time ago

This is Arvi. She is very elegant and warm. She is always together with Nita, Edwin, and Calvari during the Klasikal.  We are waiting for your wedding invitation, Arvi! Hehe. :)

When you hear Edwin's voice, you might go with this thought: "Is he a radio announcer or a news anchor at TV station?". Yeah, Edwin has a very unique voice that can distinguish him from the rest of us. He is really calm, cool, and firm. He must be a great basketball player, I suppose.

Here you are: Calvari! Almost similar with Edwin, Calvari is also calm and cool. We always call him Ari.  He is very nice and knowledgeable guy, not to mention his great English, too.

The last but not the least is Mas/Kang Bems. Mas Bems is from Bandung. He is our leader during our time in Klasikal. There are so many awesome words to note down about this friend. But I'll try to sum it up. This is mas Bems (Bambang).  He was (and is) our Ketua Kelas. He was really great and patient when he led us. You know, in our class there were so many characters, activities, and laughs that sometimes ended up with a mess. Hahaha. But Bems could handle it. He not only led us, but also served us. Don't you think that's a great concept of leadership, right? Not only leading, but also serving your people.   


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