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My lovely mom and older brother, Dedy Kurniawan
(My older brother and I used to have cat-dog relationship when we were kids. Haha. As the time flies, he becomes one of the best brothers in the world)
Rest in peace, Mom.  I will always love you.

"Dear Ridwan, Today I wish you a year with loads of happiness and excitement. May God bless you with wonderful days ahead. May your dreams come true. You are a good friend and an even better person. Thank you for the friendship we share. Thanks and wish you a very sweet birthday!"  
(A message from my friend this morning)

On October the 8th, my mother gave birth to me. Up until this moment, I still know perfectly the journey I have been through with its sweetness and bitterness. Ups and downs. 

A lot has changed in the past year or so, for better and worse. Change has touched every aspect of my life, from family, relatives, and friends, to where I live and study. Yeah, it has been a year of sadness and pain, but it is also been a year of happiness and love. 

In the past year, many things happened, whether blessings or are in the form of trials. Once those trials made me feel like the whole world is against me, and things can not possibly get any worse. But, the thing is, there’s always someone, somewhere, who is worse off than I am, as hard as that may be to believe. For me, Putting things in this perspective is incredibly powerful.  And at that point, I am so blessed having God, family and close friends who know what I have been through. They always give me tons of strength, whether in the shade or in the sunshine of my life. I also always try to be there for them back. I could never walk this journey completely alone.

In past year, I have learned that I have two choices when I face life's trials or obstacles. Let them defeat me or take the opportunity to learn and grow. The most difficult experiences of the past year have taught me a lot about myself and made me appreciate all that I have.  Appreciation is something that should be part of our everyday lives, I think.

I hope (sooner or later) I realize that life is a precious gift. It is beautiful and fulfilling, frustrating and exciting, but it is also unpredictable. So, make every moment count, and don’t take anything or anyone for granted. Stop making excuses. Say things like ‘Thank you,’ or ‘You mean so much to me'

When I close my eyes and prepare to blow out the candles on my birthday cake, I won’t just be making a wish. I will be taking a moment to appreciate my life, and all of the wonderful people and things that make it all worthwhile. 

Last year taught me to keep giving our best along the way, and that is including overcoming the turbulences not only around me, but the most important is particularly, within me. I am still working on it and will always try to develop myself through new journeys and experiences.

My birthday prayer...

Dear God, thank you for giving me another year of life. Thank you for sending me those people who are always there for me through thick and thin. Thank you for all the experience that You gave me this past year, for the times of success that I will always remember, for the failure that  reminded me of my own weakness and of my need for You.

I humbly ask your forgiveness for the hours I wasted, for the chance that I failed to take. Help me in the days ahead to make much better year. 

Bless me with the capability to make those around me have use of what I am capable of. 

Amiin Allohumma Amiin.

I want to promise that I will live a good life after this (But  wait, can I do that?)
With Allah, nothing is impossible, darling.



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  1. Subhanallah,, keren banget...
    semoga saya juga bisa seperti anda, teman...
    boleh tau nggak resep biar bisa bersosialisasi dgn baik, dgn orng yg baru kita kenal?

  2. Hi Anonynous,
    Well, that is very good question.
    Bersosialisasi adalah sebuah kebutuhan bagi kita semua. Bahkan meski keluarga kita sekaya apapun, kita masih tetap butuh bersosialisasi dengan orang lain. Biasanya, kita sulit untuk bersosialisasi karena kita merasa minder atau merasa tidak cocok dengan lingkungannya. Kamu bisa memulai dengan menjadi orang yang LEBIH BERANI. Jangan malu untuk memulai pembicaraan yang sesuai. Jadilah orang yang ceria dan membawa aura positive pada orang yang kamu temui. Murah senyum, dan pandai menjaga perasaan orang.

    Orang baik pasti disukai semua orang kok. Jadilah teman terbaik bagi seseorang. Berikan mereka cinta tidak hanya 100%, tetapi 200% sehingga mereka akan merasa kehilangan kalau kamu tdak ada. Kamu dapat memperhatilkan apa yang terjadi selanjutnya. Akan ada kejutan dari respon teman-temanmu.

    Im your friend too, if you need a hand, just let me know, Anonymous! :D

  3. Wow, amazing, I should learn more from you :)
    Happy Birthday kak, go ahead!

  4. Hi Nanda, Thank you so much. Let's learn together Nanda.
    God has prepared amazing things for us in the future. Keep up the spirit, Nanda! You can! :D


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