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Okey readers, here is the story: 
After selecting carefully and through rigorous selection process, finally I have got selected as Mawapres of Faculty of Economics and Business, Padjadjaran University. Mawapres is one of the coolest, the most renowned and prestigious student competition conducted by Department of Natioanal Education (Depdiknas) for universities' students among Indonesia. Oh friend, being selected as Mawapres in one of the best Faculty of Economics and Business in this country is really my big honor. I am blessed I could become Mawapres from this lovable Faculty. Blessed to have achieved this far.

For your information, there are three departments in my faculty (Accounting, Economics, and Management). My friends who took part and represented their department in this competition program are very talented and outstanding students. Their awesome background and personality combined with their exellence academic performance make me proud more to have involved in this competition together. Indeed, their department has chosen their best students. I just can not stop being grateful for this opportunity that Allah has given me. Alhamdulillah.....

The selection process itself including administration, english capability, scientific paper, presentation, academic performance (GPA), personality, and social activities. Like a normal human being, I was nervous and a little bit not confident with myself during the selection. Moreover, my friends who took part in this competition are totally bright students, too. But then I decided to go for it! I put my fears, nervous and anxious aside! I just believe that if you want to get something, you just keep giving your best until the last battle, untill the last minutes you have, until we can not give more. 

I have to give my best until I can give no more. Including in May this year. May 2012, I am going to represent my Faculty in the University Level which means that I have to against more talented and bright students from their own faculty. But no matter what, I will do my best for my faculty, my friends, and for you all who still keep pursuing your dreams. 

Oh Unpad, if I am quite adequate, I will represent you. If not, the better student will. And that both ways are enough to make me happy and proud. 

I will do my best for FEB!  I promise you! 

Economy... Economy... Economy Goes Marching In...! 

Tag: Mawapres from....
  1. Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB)
  2. Faculty of Law (FH)
  3. Faculty of Medicine (FK)
  4. Faculty of Communication Sciences (FIKOM)
  5. Faculty of Phsycology (FPSIKOLOGI)
  6. Faculty of Social and Political Science (FISIP)
  7. Faculty of Pharmacy  (FFARMASI)
  8. Faculty of Dentistry (FKG)
  9. Faculty of Technique of Geology (FTG)
  10. Faculty of Agriculture (FAPERTA)
  11. Faculty of Agricultural industrial Technology (FTIP)
  12. Faculty of Nursing (FKP)
  13. Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA)
  14. Faculty of Animal Husbandry (FAPET)
  15. Faculty of Fishery and Marine Science (FPIK)
  16. Faculty of Cultural Science (FIB)

Really can not wait to see you guys!

When you commit to a dream, no matter what it will come true. Life tends to find a way to make it so, doesn't it?   

Mohon doanya dari teman-teman semua... 
Your prayer really does matter for me....

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  1. How Cool you are, brother...

    Keep make an achievement! :D

    You are First Mawapres from FEB...Woow... Fantastic!

    1. Thank you Ziaaaa. you too. You are an amazing female student that I have ever met. Hope it can burn your spirit!
      Please keep helping me in EFECT and let us give contribution to our society...

  2. おめでとうございます :)

    proud for you :)

    1. Thank you, Dzikri-san. Arigatou gaozaimasu. Oh my God you keep congratulating me and indeed it burns my spirit to the max. I am almost in tears! Keep up the good work Dzik. See u in Jatinangor then.. :)

  3. are so amazing bray! I'm so proud of you. Congratulation.. :)

    1. Thank you anonymous. No mattter who you are, I wish the best for you too. Keep up your good performance! :)


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